What is AIM?

The Academia to Industry Meeting is an annual conference co-hosted by the Ottawa Chapter of the Science to Business Network and Industry Link at McMaster University.

AIM is a multi-university full-day careers conference that will provide an interactive forum for graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals in STEM to share career advice, discuss the future of the life science industry, and network virtually.

This meeting will consist of keynote speeches and panel discussions from innovators and professionals from a variety of backgrounds in STEM.


  1. Expose graduate students to exciting industry careers options and equip them with relevant information and skills.

  2. Discuss potential career opportunities in the health science and biotechnology industry, and how graduate students can best prepare themselves for these careers.

  3. Provide an opportunity for students to network and form partnerships with industry professionals.

Conference Details

AIM 2020 will be held virtually on Saturday Oct 3rd.

The conference will feature the following events:

  • Keynote address from leaders in the Canadian health sciences industry

  • Panel discussions of career opportunities and required skills in the industry

  • Speed Networking with industry, and government professionals

AIM 2020 Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Anna Koudrina

  • Kevin Mercurio

  • Stephanie Meyer

  • Dr. Rylend Mulder

  • Rachel Nadeau

  • Dr. James Renaud

  • Dr. Bruce Seet

  • Dr. Joey Sheff

  • Dr. Piriya Yoganathan


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